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"Alison has a fantastic ability to bring focus, clarity and positivity..."

"She is professional and personable and more than that, she cares as much as you do about the message you have to share."

"As a book coach she's head and shoulders above the rest, maintaining the perfect balance between being a terrific coach, a wise mentor and a skilled consultant."

I help experts and business leaders articulate their message and get it out to the people who need to hear it - on the page, on screen and offline, across the whole range of content platforms.

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The Extraordinary Business Book ClubThe Extraordinary Business Book Club is a podcast for writers and readers of extraordinary business books. 

After a career at the forefront of innovation in the publishing industry, how else should I choose to write my own business book but as a live experiment? Using the rich diversity of tools, platforms and techniques available to writers today, I'm writing my own book in public. Week by week in the Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast, I'm talking to a wide range of high-profile authors, gurus, futurists, publishers and business and writing experts, trying out their ideas. And as I'm writing my book “live” I'll be encouraging others to do the same.

"As someone who's written a number of specialist business works, I can't praise this podcast enough. If you're writing - or thinking about writing - a book to showcase your own professional (or other!) expertise, start here. The whole process, from identifying exactly what you should write about, writing it, thinking about who might want to read it (so, content marketing). publishing and which experts can help you along the way is covered in a bright, informative and accessible style. 

I'm sure readers of business books will find this interesting; those of us who write them will find it essential."

Subscribe at iTunes, listen and comment at The Extraordinary Business Book Club site, join the discussion on Facebook, drop me a tweet, but most of all, get inspired and get writing! 



July 2017: Practical Inspiration partners with Bookollective! We are delighted to announce that from Monday 3 July 2017, Bookollective will be provide professional PR and promotion services for Practical Inspiration  Publishing titles, to give these superb books the profile they deserve. Read the full press release here

Thriving AbroadJune 2017: Congratulations to Louise Wiles and Evelyn Simpson on the publication of Thriving Abroad: The definitive guide to professional and personal relocation success. This was one of the winners of the first 10-day Book Proposal Challenge in June 2016, and it's a great pleasure to see it in print just one year on!

March 2017: Alison featured as an expert on buliding communities and creating content on a panel in Bryony Thomas's Watertight Marketing Conference 2017.

Passion Into PoundsMarch 2017: Alison spoke on the panel of the Turn Your Passion Into Pounds event in honour of International Women's Day at the British Library on 9 March, alongside Jessica Huie MBE, Vicki Psarias (Honest Mum), Jo Morell (The Pool) and Natasha Courtenay-Smith (The Million Pound Blog). The event was live-streamed across the world courtesy of the British Council. 

It's Not You, It's Your HormonesFebruary 2017: Congratulations to Nicki Williams on the publication of It's Not You, It's Your Hormones: The essential guide for women over 40 to fight fat, fatigue and hormone havoc

"Fascinating and extremely helpful. Unlike other health books I have read, this one is easy to relate to and avoids too much scientific jargon. The author really appreciates the havoc hormones can create ! I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for help and advice with hormone issues." - Amazon review

Founded After 40January 2017: Congratulations to Glenda Shawley, busines adviser and marketing expert, on the publication of Founded After Forty: How to start a business when you haven't got time to waste, the essential guide for mature entrepreneurs. 

"Fantastic guide to starting a business if you're over 40, or even under 40! Everything you could possibly need to know, thoroughly researched and the workbook that accompanies the book means that you can work through your plans slowly stage by stage. Loved it!" - Amazon review


Strip Naked & Re-Dress with Happiness

January 2017: Congratulations to Maria Hocking, Transformational Life Coach, on the publication of Strip Naked & Re-Dress with Happiness, a handbook not only for surviving adversity, but for discovering how to thrive as a result. 

"An inspiring and beautifully written guide to help deal with adversity. Maria uses her own journey through various challenges to highlight how we cannot always control what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it." - Amazon review

HR Disrupted by Lucy AdamsJanuary 2017: Congratulations to Lucy Adams, CEO of Disruptive HR and former HR Director at the BBC, on the publication of HR DIsrupted: It's time for something different

'HR has lost its way and needs to find a new direction. 
 The central question this book sets out to answer is: if we are to survive and thrive in this new, volatile business world, how do we lead, manage, engage and support our employees in a radically different way? '


December 2016: Alison was shortlisted for the prestigious Women in Publishing Pandora Award. 

November 2016: Alison is speaking at Falmouth University on 9 November on Digital Publishing in Context.

October 2016: Alison will be attending the Frankfurt Book Fair as a Business Club Ambassador.

September 2016: Alison chaired a session on Innovation Strategy at the Independent Publishers Guild Autumn Conference.

August 2016: Alison is speaking at the Ingram User Day on 8 September and ALPSP conference on 15 September. 

June 2016: Alison is speaking at the launch of Snapshots, BookMachine's annual complilation of the best insights from the publishing industry, in London on 8 June 2016

 April 2016: Practical Inspiration Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of Real Parenting for Real Kids by Melissa Hood. Described by author Carol Honoré as 'a blueprint for building families that allow both parents and children to become their best selves. A wonderful book.' We celebrated the launch in style in Nomad Books in Fulham on 27 Aprll. 

Melissa Hood


Dragons in SnowApril 2016: The latest volume of the Dragon Tales Chronicles has landed! Dragons in Snow is the fifth in this wonderful series: if you and your children haven't yet discovered Emily, Tom, Des, Ben McIlwhinnie in their secret home deep in the Scottish Highlands, you're missing a real treat... 

April 2016: Alison is co-chairing Quantum: Publishing and so much more, the conference that will open the London Book Fair. 

February 2016: Following Alison's recent article in The Guardian, she has appeared on several radio talk shows dicussing women, business and books - see one summary from Randi Zuckerberg's DotComplicated here

Yoga for Happy MumsFebruary 2016: Practical Inspiration Publishing is proud to announce the publication of two superb new books: Lifting the Veils of Illusion by Narina Riskowitz and Yoga for Happy Mums by Puran Prem Kaur (Emma Martin) - congratulations to both new authors!


Misfit to MavenNovember 2015: The latest book from Practical Inspiration Publishing was launched on 30 November 2015: Misfit to Maven: The story of Argh to Ahhh, by Ebonie Allard, The Entrepreneur Enabler. This is the first Practical Inspiration title to be published as the result of a crowdfunding campaign. It is a unique and powerful book, part life story, part workbook, that inspires and empowers misfit entrepreneurs to create a business and a life as extraordinary as you are.


The Practical Inspiration Incubator launched in November 2015 - an intensive six-month programme giving you access to a wide network of specialists in every aspect of writing, publishing and promoting your book. Find out more here..  


November 2015: The latest World-Changing Books review is now live: read a fascinating interview with Graham Allcott, author of How to be a Productivity Ninja, for an insight into the story behind his own journey to productivity ninja-hood, the writing of the book and its publication history, from word-of-mouth self-publishing success to traditionally published bestseller. 


October 2015: The first World-Changing Writers online summit was a huge success! 18 world-class experts shared their collective wisdom on all areas of writing, publishing and promoting books. If you missed the live stream, you can still get the summit package here: all 18 video interviews plus audio files for listening on the go, transcripts, and tip sheets for each day. 


September 2015: Weather Stations: Writing Climate Change is officially launched today, 11 September, in Berlin at the International Youth Summit. 

September 2015: Alison will be a guest speaker at The Second World Digital Publishing Conference in Beijing, 18-19 November 2015.

August 2015: Alison will be the keynote speaker at BookMachine's Cambridge event on 24 September, speaking on the future of publishing - see more here

July 2015: Alison will be speaking at the BIC (Book Industry Communication) New Trends in Publishing seminar, 8 September 2015 in London. Book your tickets here! 

NEW: Practical Inspiration Publishing is proud to announce Audio Appetizers - audio samples of Practical Inspiration titles. First up: Rhian Sherrington's Alchemy for the Mind: Create your Confident Core...

NEWSFLASH - May 2015: Alison featured on The Author Radio Show hosted by Viv Oyolu - listen to her interview here! 

Weather Stations logoNEWSFLASH: Practical Inspiration Publishing is partnering with The Free Word Centre and international partners to publish Weather Stations, a ground-breaking initiative using creative writing to explore climate change. See the full press release here

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Cara HollandThe [This Book Means Business] Bootcamp builds perfectly on the foundation of the 10-day proposal challenge. It forced my brain to get organised and to really think about how to go from an idea, to writing, in a way that was more structured and more useful than if I'd been left to my own devices. Embedding the book creation process into my day to day business was a really positive mind shift.

Graphic Change

Alchemy for the MindAlison's unique blend of coaching with consultancy services is a must for any business looking to self-publish as a means to market their services, programmes or products. With her expertise and insight, alongside her lovely ability to combine challenge and accountability with unwavering support, she made the whole process of bringing my idea to its final destination as a book... a wonderful process. I recommend Alison without hesitation.