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About Alison Jones

Alison Jones, MA, MBA has pioneered digital publishing over a 25-year career in publishing, working with companies such as Chambers Harrap, Oxford University Press and most recently Macmillan as Director of Innovation Strategy.

In April 2014 she left Macmillan to set up the Practical Inspiration imprint as a pioneering new model: partnership publishing. Today she helps businesses and entrepreneurs write and publish content strategically aligned with their business goals.

As both a traditionally and self-published author herself, she is passionate about good content written and presented beautifully; as a trained business and executive coach, with experience of tutoring MBA students and professional mentoring, she thrives on working with businesses and organizations to maximize the impact of their brand and achieve their vision. 

Her focus is on the interplay between business strategy, content strategy and publications: when these three work together, the effect is transformational. 

"Alison's unique blend of coaching with consultancy services is a must for any business looking to self-publish as a means to market their services, programmes or products."

Rhian Sherrington, Choose2Flourish, author of 'Alchemy for the Mind'

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What I do

I help businesses and organizations with something to say create beautiful, well-written books that build brand and visibility. I combine extensive publishing expertise with top-level strategic insight and a passion for books that make a difference.

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