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Your book - the springboard for your content strategy

springboardAre you thinking that a book is just what you need to cement your reputation, generate new leads and create a passive revenue stream? Great. You’re absolutely right, of course. Come and talk to me.

BUT, why stop there? Your book shouldn’t just be an isolated monument, set apart from the real business of your business. Make it a living breathing part of what you do, the centrepiece but not the end of your content strategy, and reap the benefits.

Here are five ideas I’ve been discussing recently with clients for making more of their books – is one of them right for you? The sooner you start to think about the possibilities, the better!

  1. Elearning. Think about how your book is structured. Can you create an elearning product or webinar from its key elements? What additional material (particularly audio or video) could you incorporate? How can you cross-promote course from book and vice versa?
  2. Presentation or talk. People are often fascinated by the human story behind the business concept, and there’s nothing like hearing it straight from the author’s mouth. Consider which audiences might be particularly interested in your message, and craft a presentation for each that gives them more insight into you and your story.
  3. Interview. You will probably speak to lots of people in the course of writing your book – many of them will have far more to say that you can possibly include in the book. Think about how you could capture and share their stories, and extend your own reach into their networks in the process.
  4. Infographic. A picture does indeed speak a thousand words, and it’s vastly more sharable on social media too. Distil the key findings or message of your book and find a designer you trust to explore how you can present your message pictorially. You can even frame it for the boardroom wall.
  5. Quiz. Just as sharable as infographics and even more fun if you do them right, although again you’ll probably need some help in the shape of a coding expert. Particularly useful for driving traffic to your content – you can tailor the links depending on the outcome of the questions (‘Wow, you’re a pensions superstar! You need to think about managing your own portfolio, find out more here….’ vs ‘You’ve got some work to do when it comes to personal finance. Our Getting Started Checklist is a simple introduction to the basics’).

The sky’s the limit, and your book is just the beginning.

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