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Bakers and Eaters

Guy KawasakiWell, that was a long-held ambition realized: I just interviewed Guy Kawasaki for The Extraordinary Business Book Club. (I still can't believe I get to talk to some of the people who've most influenced my entrepreneurial career and who've been such a powerful force in shaping my ideas over the last few years - I LOVE MY JOB.)

You'll have to wait until February to hear the full interview (it's worth it, believe me) but here's a taste of the kind of thinking that endeared Guy to me, and I hope to you too, from APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur:

“There are two kinds of people: eaters and bakers. Eaters think the world is a zero-sum game: what someone else eats, they cannot eat. Bakers do not believe that the world is a zero-sum game because they can bake more and bigger pies.”

Be a baker. It takes courage and self-belief, but the world has a funny way of rewarding courage and self-belief. 


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4 responses to 'Bakers and Eaters'

Carrie Eddins says

Alison, what a great analogy Guy gave, so true! I look forward to hearing the full interview in 2017!

Added on 01 December 2016 at 00:06

Tracey says

What a great way to put it! For quite a few years I was an eater but now I'm a baker. Here's to bigger and better pies. Where will the full interview be available to read, Alison?

Added on 01 December 2016 at 07:20

Alison Jones says

Thanks Carrie and Tracey, glad you like it too! Tracey, the full transcript will go up with the show notes when the episode is broadcast on 13 February at www.extraordinarybusinessbooks.com.

Added on 01 December 2016 at 07:35

Annette Pedersen says

Oh I so love this! I hear Guy is awesome and look forward to that full interview. Great analogy for sure!

Added on 01 December 2016 at 09:16

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