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listen againToday I started putting together the Extraordinary Business Book Club 'Best Bits' episode (Episode 40, which will go live on 19 December). Every 10 episodes, I take the opportunity to look back over the previous 9 and showcase the bits that I love best. (And those that others request too - it's always lovely when someone takes the time to let me know what they found particularly helpful/funny/brilliant). 

Doing a weekly podcast is fabulous, because each individual interview is so interesting and enjoyable. But taking time every now and again to step back and look at a group of episodes together brings in a new dimension - suddenly you can see themes emerging, complementary or contrasting approaches to the same problem, the various tricks that different personality types have developed to make their writing and their business successful. It's fascinating. 

And then there's the simple pleasure of listening again to some of the brightest people on the planet talking openly and honestly about what writing does for them and means to them, how hard it can be, and how important it's been for their personal and business development. 

In the old days, I used to read my favourite books several times over, and each time I'd discover something new. In the constant churn of online content, the next blog post, the new episode, the live feed, I find I don't often make time to go back over stuff. So I'm taking my time over this, listening again, seeing new insights, and hopefully my listeners will find it just as useful. 

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