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Could you have your book in your hand next Christmas?

'It was really useful. I came away with two or three ideas for a book and I'm clearer now about which one I'm going to pursue first and how it fits with my business.'

Founded After Forty at Christmas

That was Glenda Shawley, speaking after the Year of the Book workshop back in January. She'd just spent an afternoon with me and Bec Evans of WriteTrack, working through an intensive series of exercises to get clear on the strategy for the book as part of her buisness and tactics for getting it written quickly and in a way that built her business even before it was finished. 

After the workshop Glenda took advantage of the participant discount rate and signed up with me for 12 sessions. 'I'm going to get this done,' she told me, 'And I know I can't do it alone.' 

And yesterday, the printer delivered copies of her book Founded After Forty: How to start a business when you haven't got time to waste, just in time for Christmas (it's published by Practical Inspiration Publishing and releases on 16 January). Looks nice, doesn't it? 

So if you're idly wondering whether it's possible to write a really good, substantial book and have it published within 12 months, whether you could be celebrating Christmas with a copy of your own book under the tree next year, the answer is yes - if you have the right start and the right support. 

Bec and I are kicking off the Year of the Book again in London on 19 January - will this story be yours next December?

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