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Fun Things To Do In January

After the party's overI know it's a bit early to be thinking about January, but you've got to plan ahead. What are you going to look forward to once the Christmas parties are over? 

Here are a few ideas. You're welcome. 

1. Use discarded wrapping paper to make a collage

2. Throw every scrap of left-over cheese into the pot with a slug of white wine to make a fondue

3. Buy next year's Christmas cards half price

4. Join my free 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge, which starts 9 January

5. Invite a friend along - it's more fun and you're more likely to stay the course with an accountabiity partner

6. Get a flying start on your book by joining me and Bec Evans at the Year of the Book workshop in London on 19 January - an intensive, practical day focused on your business, your book, and your writing habit

7. Save money by using discount code 10THINGS at checkout [top tip - you don't have to wait for January for this - if you get a wiggle on and do it now you also get an Early Bird discount!]

8. Subscribe to The Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast on iTunes and make it part of your weekly writing ritual

9. Commit to reading at least one extraordinary business book a month (because good writers read good books)

10. Write. Just do it. 


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