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And the winner is....

Competition is a wonderful motivator, but it truly sucks when you announce the winner and you KNOW that while one person is dancing around the room (or, as happened today, spilling soup down her front) 22 others are gritting their teeth and silently hating you, just a little. 

It was SUCH a hard job, choosing a winner from the superb submissions for this month's 10-day business book proposal challenge, but after 5 days of agonising I did it. 

And the winner is..... *drumroll*






....Cara Holland, of Graphic Change, for her book Draw a Better Business: Essential visual skills to help your business succeed, who receives the offer of a publishing deal with Practical Inspiration Publishing. 

Huge congratulations Cara - and indeed to everyone who took part. As someone posted: 'I already feel like a winner for having written the damn proposal'!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning next time, it all kicks off again on 20 March - why not sign up here? https://alisonjones.leadpages.co/proposal-challenge/ 

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