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In summary...

Day 3 is probably the hardest day of the entire 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge. I ask challengers to distil their complex, nuanced book idea down into a single sentence or two, the summary. I'm not a monster, I give them a process to help them do it, but process or no process it's a tough old job. 

Which is why I was so thrilled to get this in an email from a challenger today: 

'I have been surprised, as I am going through the challenge, at how well it is pulling information out of my head that I didn't know was there. I already have a much clearer idea of what my book is, and isn't going to contain.

I was feeling quite clueless when I started. The suggestion I write a book had come from other people and while I like the idea it hadn't taken much shape so far. The whole concept of a proposal was new to me 

Breaking the proposal down into discrete tasks, with pointers and instructions on how to complete each section, has been hugely valuable, as has the instant feedback in the FB group and seeing other peoples' examples.  I couldn't have done it on my own.'

Makes it all worthwhile :-)

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Carrie Eddins says

A great testimonial, and it really reveals that power of working and learning from people who know what they are doing!!

Added on 12 January 2017 at 19:38

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