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Need some cover inspiration?

I did. And I stumbled on this sumptuous Pinterest board from Non Fiction Books - a gallery of gorgeous covers, new and old. Most of the design accolades out there for book covers seem to be focused on fiction, so this is a refreshing and inspiring treat for a NoFi girl like me. 


Here's my current favourite - I've never heard of the author and I've not read the book, but the cover has me and it's now on my Kindle. I love the clean geometry of it, the understated metaphor of the pristine eraser, the retro typography, and of course the clever, compelling title and promise of the subtitle. It works for me on every level. 

Which is your favourite and why? 

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1 response to 'Need some cover inspiration? '

Jacqui Malpass says

Clever cover. This is very timely as I am just about to get the cover designed for Divine Inner Wisdom and Puppy With No Name and I need some inspiration. I love covers which are simple and clean. I also like wild and funky and just words. It's sooooo hard to decide. I'll let you know once I had a look at your inspiration board.

Added on 17 January 2017 at 14:58

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