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They think it's all over...

As I write this there's just over 4 hours to go until the deadline for those in the 10-day business book proposal challenge to submit their finished proposals if they want them to be considered for the prize: a pubishing deal with Practical Inspiration Publishing. 

So far I've had 16 proposals submitted, I suspect we'll hit 20 by the end of the night. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? 

But as exciting as it is seeing them all come in - and looking at the sheer quality of them - what's moved me most have been what people have been saying in the emails. Here's a beautiful comment - offered as an endorsement I can use in marketing - that literally brought tears to my eyes, and which I think sums up the experience of the last two weeks perfectly: 

This is more than a challenge. Sure it DOES challenge you, in a really positive and motivating way, but it does more than that. It offers new connections, new friends, new conversations, new ideas and renewed vision. I cannot say enough about how valuable this experience is, not only because Alison gives you thorough and expert feedback on every aspect of your proposal but also because you will come out the other side of this journey exhausted, happy, satisfied and with a major achievement that you hadn't even dreamed of ten days before.

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Sherry Bevan says

Love the endorsement. Congratulations on running another successful proposal challenge. I bet there's a few people rushing to submit their proposal before the deadline! Enjoy reading them all.

Added on 23 January 2017 at 20:01

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