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Moments like this make it all worthwhile

Nicki's giftPublishing books is a pretty darn marvellous way to make a living (assuming you CAN make a living at it (there's an old industry joke: 'I run a non-profit publishing house. It's not supposed to be non-profit, that's just the way it turned out.'). It may not be high margin, but it's rich in intrinsic rewards, like getting to meet amazing, creative people, discuss fascinating ideas, and bring into the world beautiful books that change people's lives. 

But then just occasionally one of those amazing, creative people turns round and gives you the loveliest surprise. Thanks Nicki Williams - the newest Practical Inspiration author (It's Not You, It's Your Hormones published on Monday and is ESSENTIAL reading for 40+ women!) - for the unexpected champagne and Booja Booja truffles that arrived with me today. 

Turning people's dreams into reailty is reward enough, of course, but that doesn't mean I'm going to send back the Booja Booza and the bubbly. Happy days. 

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