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Mushrooming micro-habits

I've been enjoying the simplicity of streaking: one blog and a run of at least a mile every day, no excuses, no fuss. They're solid now - it would take a medical emergency to break that beautiful long run of ticks on the calendar. Once I got over 100 days I started to wonder what else I could hook onto the power of the streak. 

When I was kid, I always wanted to learn to play the piano. It wasn't really practical, and I got a guitar instead. But I promised myself aged 7 that when I grew up I'd get a piano and learn to play it. 

Well, it's not a piano exactly, but we now have a full-size keyboard up in the study next to my desk, and every day I spend 5 minutes on it. It's painful of course, and there are probably about as many wrong notes as right ones, but every day it's a bit better than it was the day before. 

Microhabits + Consistency = Progress. 

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