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We are golden

EBBC episode 50A milestone today: the 50th episode of The Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast. It doesn't seem 50 minutes since I was hovering over the 'publish' button for episode 1, wondering whether I'd hooked up the plumbing correctly between LibSyn, iTunes and the Wordpress site. 

50 days was the point at which I realised there was no way I'd miss a day of blogging or running: that beautiful, unbroken line of crosses on the calendar had acquired its own momentum. 50 weeks feels similar: The Extraordinary Business Book Club is here for the long haul.

It's the golden number, the half century not out, the jubilee, the bonus you get for using all your letters in Scrabble, the number of Shades of Grey and US states, the age at which Saga ads start to be interesting. 

It's not quite a champagne moment - I'll save that for the 100th episode - but it's definitely a gin-and-tonic moment. And perhaps a small slice of cake. 

(And it's a cracking episode too:

  • Michael E. Gerber on creating a legacy
  • David Taylor on being the best you
  • Martin Goodyer on the single strong idea
  • Heather McGowan on visualizing information
  • Emma Serlin on the psychology of speaking
  • Susan Heaton Wright on overcoming the fear of speaking in public
  • Kelly Pietrangeli on building the platform before the book
  • Scott Pack on what it takes to crowdfund a book successfully
  • Guy Kawasaki on crowdsourcing feedback to improve the book

Pour a g&t, cut a slice of cake, press play, and celebrate with me.)


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