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200 OK

200 OKWhen computers talk to each other, 200 is the HTTP response status code equivalent of 'Got it, thanks.' It means the connection, the information request, has been successful. It's expressed simply as '200 OK'.

No fanfare. No drama. Just business as usual, nothing to see here, everything's fine, move along. 

And that's pretty much how it felt yesterday when I climbed off the treadmill in the evening and realised I'd hit 200 consecutive days of blogging and running, aka streaking (if you want to find out what that's all about, read the blog post that started it all). 

That's a satisfying number, and I don't honestly know if I believed I'd get here. I'm quietly delighted: I can see all the benefits that I'd hoped for, and I've proved what Seth Godin knew all along: 

Habits are more powerful than fears.

But really it's just another day. Connection successful, keep it moving, bring on the next day, and the next. Purposeful rhythm, powerful habits, personal mastery. 

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