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Writing without the fuss

Episode 52 - Writing without the fussThis week's episode of The Extraordinary Business Book Club was the 52nd - a whole year's worth of listening! 

If you haven't heard it yet, I really recommend it: Lucy McCarraher is the Publish mentor for Daniel Priestly's Key Person of Influence programme and the author of How to Write Your Book Without the Fuss - which is just a brilliant title. Here's a taste of her wisdom, making a point that I completely agree with and which I think is not often understood by people considering writing a book:

...actually writing the book itself gives [authors] huge clarity on their business, because it’s often about the process that they take clients through in their business, but they have to unpack it, structure it, make sure that it all works logically, sometimes devise a model that is the backbone, the structure of their book and find out who their key market is as well.

Sometimes that process, simply through writing the book, gives them a real insight into their business that they hadn’t had before. They either refine the business, or sometimes they really pivot it and it turns into a different and a bigger and a more interesting business, just because they’ve done that process, of writing the book.

Writing as a thinking tool. So true, so powerful. 



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