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Onyx Boox - the ongoing evolution of e-ink

Onyx BooxThe recent developments in e-ink are fascinating, particularly for writers and readers: hot on the heels of the Freewrite comes the Onyx Boox, an e-ink Android laptop/tablet/typewriter (just when you thought the genres had settled down, here we go again...).

There's a video and more info here: http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/onyx-boox-typewriter-18-04-2017/. Being able to write wherever you like, outdoors or in, without fretting about whether you have enough charge to last the day, with resolution similar to that of ink on paper and with the option of handwiting with a pen-like stylus as well as typing, all these are potential game-changers for your writing habit. 

It seems to be only black and white at the moment, but as colour e-ink becomes more feasible at lower price points these devices are only going to get better. 

I'm standing by waiting to see whether more emerge and which gains the market, but if you're a bleeding-edge adopter, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these new-generation writing devices...

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