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This is good. Reedsy, the online marketplace for writers, has launched a new charity campaign, #IWriteBecause. For everyone who uploads a video explaining why they write, Reedsy will donate $10 to Room to Read, a not-for-profit organisation promoting literacy and girls' education in Africa and Asia. 

I've not done mine yet but I will - in the meantime I had a quick look at the site and enjoyed some of the ones already uploaded. My favourite so far is David H. Hansson: 'I write because I have something to say... because it's the best way to think through a topic, an idea, is to commit it to paper form and then work on it.... think through the idea until it's crystal clear.' 


See for yourself at https://blog.reedsy.com/iwritebecause, and if you decide to upload your own video, let me know!

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