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Not just a challenge but a community

Yesterday I had a nice surprise: an endorsement out of the blue from Esther Nagle, who participated in the 10-day Business Book Proposal Challenge in January:

I participated in Alison's Business Book Proposal Challenge in January 2017 and emerged with a fantastic book proposal that I had considerably enjoyed writing. Alison is tremendously knowledgable about the publishing world, and takes great delight in sharing that knowledge to help and support writers to create their amazing books. The energy and support that was created in the Facebook group that accompanied the challenge was phenomenal, Alison not only created a challenge but a community that really did support one another with love and care. If you are considerinng writing a book to support and enhance your business then I cannot recommend taking part in Alison's challenge enough.

Which was lovely, obviously - endorsements and social proofs are the fuel that power service businesses online. But the thing that really warmed my heart was that phrase: 'not only created a challenge but a community'.

I've run the challenge four times now, and each time I've watched in delight as that supportive, positive, good-humoured, productive community has emerged. The first time I thought I'd just got lucky - maybe I did, and the reason it's carried on like that is because there's always someone from the previous group back in for a second (sometimes third) attempt, and they bring a bit of the original culture with them, like the starter for a new batch of yoghurt. 

Whatever the reason, I'm very grateful, and I'm looking forward to the next challenge, the next group of people, the next community-in-waiting. Roll on 5 June... 


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1 response to 'Not just a challenge but a community'

Esther nagle says

How lovely, to inspire a blog post! You absolutely do create that community in the challenge Alison, I am still connected to several of the people in the group, and know that many others are too. You have every right to be incredibly proud of this challenge, and the next people who participate in it will benefit even more, as I know that each challenge gets better as you learn more from the participants each time! Enjoy next round! xx

Added on 06 May 2017 at 20:06

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