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Aren't people ace?

So the official announcement about my new partnership with Bookollective was released today (here is it on their site), and I've been absolutely overwhelmed by the response. 

So many friends and clients have taken the trouble to email me or message on Facebook or Twitter to send their congratulations and, what's even lovelier, express their pleasure in watching the business develop.

'Great to hear how fabulously you are getting on,' 'Looks awesome, well done on your continued success – well deserved,' and so on. I was surprised and touched that so many took the trouble to celebrate with me. 

Perhaps my favourite came from a friend who bravely agreed to be a practice client back in 2012 when I was training as a coach. She congratulated me on all my news, and reciprocated by telling me how her small business has gone from strength to strength since we worked together. 

'[The coaching] gave me such a focus', she wrote, 'just stating I actually HAD goals and aims was a huge benefit. And, let’s face it, I wouldn’t have known that I’ve achieved them [if you hadn't made me articulate them]'

And this is how she signed off: 

Are we freakin’ awesome OR WHAT?!

There's nothing quite like friends who succeed and are happy for each others' successes. 

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