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Cover story

Creating a book cover is an exciting part of the publishing process, but also a notoriously difficult one. Sometimes authors know exactly what they want and are able to give the designer a clear brief: most times it’s a dance that goes backwards and forwards a few times.

I’ve found creating my cover a particularly difficult process, and it’s evolved over time. The original cover now doesn’t feel quite right. So I launched a design contest over at DesignCrowd (hat tip to Bec Evans who told me about this great designer marketplace).

I’ve had quite a few votes already, and I’m pretty sure which one I'm going with, but if you want to take a look and add your vote, take a look: https://www.designcrowd.co.uk/vote/this-book-means-business-cover.

It’s a great way to get a wide range of interpretations and approaches and also to involve your tribe in the choosing of the final design. 

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