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Hayman, Dragon Tales III: Quest for Adventure

Dragon Tales III: Quest for Adventure

“Everyone knows dragons don’t exist...” Des, the wild Travelling dragon, takes far too many risks with Humans. His adventures are full of narrow escapes. While he is away, Tom and Emily enjoy an exciting summer with Alice and Ollie and some unexpected visitors. And when Des returns, things get even more adventurous! There are close encounters with seals and whales, fierce birds and Humans – and even a train…

This is the third of the Dragon Tales Chronicles.

Coming soon: Book IV: The Runaway, Book V: Dragons in Winter

Praise for Dragon Tales I: Quest for a Cave (Amazon reviews):

‘If you like stories of adventure, dragons and something a bit different, this is the book for you!’

‘A great children's story with lots of interest and plots to keep you guessing. Lovely illustrations enhance the story. Looking forward to the next book.’

‘Truly delightful… a charming read for any age.’

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