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Iron Mum's Little Book

Iron Mum's Little Book of Practical Inspiration

Life-changing stuff from the Bramley Iron Mums: inspirational stories from ordinary women, insights into why women run (and why they don't), tips and training plans, tools for reflection and planning. For any woman who wants to run her life but doesn't know where to start.
From the introduction: 'We want this book to change things. We want to change the way you feel about yourself, and about life. Ideally, we want you to get only a few pages into this book before casting it aside, pulling on your trainers, and heading out the door for a run. Many books aiming to inspire are big on grandiose, beautifully constructed and uplifting statements. We haven’t got many of those. What we DO have, in spades, are real stories from real women who have discovered that running makes them happy in a variety of ways, many of them completely unexpected. And if as we hope their enthusiasm inspires you to try it for yourself, we also have some very practical advice to help you start.'

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