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Real Parenting for Real Kids by Melissa Hood

Real Parenting for Real Kids

The essential guide to bringing out the best in your children.

The Parent Practice team, led by Melissa Hood and Elaine Halligan, have been delivering positive parenting courses since 2004 designed to make families happier by giving parents skills and strategies that allow them not only to parent more effectively, but to enjoy their children more. Based on science and tested in families, Real Parenting for Real Kids provides realistic and workable solutions for real families living real lives in the 21st century.

Melissa Hood draws on years of experience as a professional and as a parent to debunk many of the myths of parenting, provide insights into children s behaviour and practical solutions to everyday issues faced by parents of school aged children. With worksheets and other resources, you will learn the 7 essential skills and be able to take action immediately to transform your family life. Far from making you feel guilty about your parenting this book celebrates mums and dads and the creative solutions they find for everyday parenting dilemmas. The experiences of hundreds of parents are shared here.

Praise for Real Parenting for Real Kids:

“Most people learn how to be the parents they want to be only after their children have fled the nest.  Parents say they are too busy with work, with getting by, with coping, to reflect deeply on what they really want for their children, and the values they want to implant. They unconsciously mimic the ways they themselves were brought up, or react strongly against it. This thoughtful book will help parents savour and enjoy to the full the greatest job that life will confer on them – bringing up the next generation”.

– Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Buckingham (former Headmaster of Wellington College) and author of Beyond Happiness

“With so much pressure and panic swirling around children nowadays, many parents feel overwhelmed and bewildered. Real Parenting for Real Kids slices right through that confusion. With clarity, rigour and wisdom, Melissa Hood reminds us what really matters in childhood – and shows us how to give it to our own children. She serves up step-by-step advice for tackling every parenting challenge under the sun, from bullying and screen time to exam pressure and figuring out what ‘success' means. But she also goes beyond the tools and techniques to deliver a rare gift: a blueprint for building families that allow both parents and children to become their best selves. A wonderful book.”

– Carl Honoré, author of Under Pressure: Putting the Child back in Childhood 

"Real Parenting for Real Kids is an excellent and important book. Children are of course all unique and family dynamics will be correspondingly individualistic. Nevertheless there is something for every parent and potential parent to take from this book. An abundance of wise advice and counsel and a totally laudable absence of condescension or judgmental criticism. There is reassurance for the parent who is reaching the end of his or her tether that the problems they are dealing with are not unique to them, together with sound practical advice about how to move forward. There is also plenty of encouragement to continue and persevere with a sensible approach to parenting even if results are not immediately obvious. Children don’t come with a manual but this book could easily be subtitled 'How to negotiate the pitfalls and navigate your way through the minefield of becoming a successful parent'."

– Michael Spens, Headmaster, Fettes College

"Melissa Hood's Real Parenting for Real Kids helps parents reclaim the leadership role in their homes, without resorting to shouting, bribes, threats or punishment. An easy-to-read yet comprehensive guide for any parent who has struggled to get her child to cooperate, loaded with concrete tools to help parents bring out the best in their children. Hood teaches the essential skills to raise wonderful kids, using stories every parent can identify with to illustrate better solutions for everyday parenting challenges, from squabbling and lying to screen time and schoolwork."  

– Dr. Laura Markham, author of Calm Parent, Happy Kid

Real Parenting is a real step-by-step guide to the nuts and bolts of being in the trenches with ‘real kids’ everyday. It is laid out in ways that actually help parents figure out their own plan of action with such helpful and positive advice, like ‘chat throughs’ and the many uses of role play. Unlike so many parenting books, Real Parenting is a great balance between not only what helps children do well, but what helps parents parent well.”

– Bonnie Harris, author of When Your Kids Push Your Buttons, And What You Can Do About It

"Real Parenting for Real Kids is excellent – practical, thorough and crammed with wisdom gained from research-based psychology and professional and personal experience. Hood identifies our struggles as parents but always provides both explanation and potential solution. So for readers, every instance of cringing recognition – such as the pre-school breakfast-time narrative that has the adult resentfully asking their 7 year old, 'why does it take you so long to put on a sock?' – is balanced with insight and advice; meaning there are many light-bulb moments. It's enjoyable, informative, and inspirational. I think this book is invaluable – it has the potential to make a huge positive difference to families."

– Anna Maxted, journalist

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