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The Confident Mother by Sherry Bevan

The Confident Mother

You want to be a ‘good’ mother. You want to have confidence in your mothering skills and abilities. You wants to know you're doing the right thing, that your children will grow up to be happy, confident, with high self-esteem, and robustness of emotional resilience. The great news is that good enough really is good enough, and you don’t need to be the perfect mother. 

In this collection of interviews with a wide range of mums and experts, Sherry Bevan demonstrates how simply being fully present with your child in the early years will nurture your child’s development, both emotionally and intellectually. Filled with practical strategies and hard-won wisdom, The Confident Mother will give YOU the confidence to trust your own instincts, accept that the 'perfect mother' simple doesn't exist, and embrace your unique experience of motherhood whatever its challenges. 

This is an essential book for all mums or mums-to-be, and especially those facing challenges such as juggling work and family, finding a way back from a career break, starting a business, or unsure which step to take next.

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